Professional packing and unpacking
Your Stress-Free Professional Packing Service & Unpacking Service

When you trust our professional packing service for your move, we will carefully and professionally sort, pack and secure all of your belongings while you sit back and relax.

With our 100% Stress-Free Packing Service, you’ll no longer need to worry about the painstaking yet important process of packing up your home because our professional movers and packers have got you covered!

As one of the most overlooked aspects of moving, packing and unpacking can be difficult, time-consuming and, as a result, frustrating without the help of a professional packing service! Deciding which of your belongings to pack together to ensure they make it safely to the destination can be tricky, to say the least.

Hire Our Professional Packing Service and Eliminate Your Stress.

With Special Moving Services, you can rest assured knowing that your personal belongings will be professionally packed for maximum safety and organizational tact by a team of professional packers you can trust.

Plus, trying to fit your belongings into boxes efficiently to maximize space and organization can seem like an impossible puzzle at times. Fortunately, Special Moving Services professional packing service has come to your rescue.

To add Professional Packing and Unpacking Services to your move, simply check the packing request box when requesting your free moving quote online or ask your moving coordinator when you call us at 1-(212) 500-1010



Providing of all possible moving supplies
At Special Moving Services we use professional grade materials for our clients and customers to make sure everything arrives safely. Whether you are using our professionals to do your packing or you are doing it yourself, Special Moving Services has all of the moving supplies you need to pack up your home.

We have individual moving boxes to entire moving kits available to get your home ready to move. We have a wide variety of sizes and purposes from a box for your large flat-screen television to your wardrobe. We also have dish pack boxes for your kitchen needs, packing material, mirror cartons, and more.

We want to make your moving experience as easy as possible and will provide you with premium moving supplies that you can effectively pack your belongings. You don’t have to look any further for your next relocation needs.


White Glove Service
Special Moving Services is a full service moving, storage and delivery company. For years our delivery company catered to fine furniture and art galleries as a receiver that also crated, packed and shipped for the most prestigious in their field.

With such a void in the moving and storage services industry Special Moving Services saw an opportunity to create a competitively priced relocation/logistics company that was able to FINALLY bring the industry a professional, service oriented mover that can responsibly handle clients that expect and demand the best.

Eventually Special Moving Services grew within the community by word-of-mouth as the experts in handling furnishings and relocation.

Special Moving Services is now an elite moving & delivery company offering exceptional storage services. We have expanded our services to interior designers, residential and commercial clients, builders, fine art and antique dealers, as well as furniture showrooms all over US.



Moving Bin Rental
One of the biggest problems with moving is having enough storage to fit all of your items. Some people choose cardboard boxes which means you have to deal with the hassles of unfolding all the boxes, taping the ends, and then try to get the flimsy cardboard to hold up under the weight of your stuff. With Special Moving Services boxes you can have as many boxes as you need. Designed for easy moving, the lids snap on and can be zip-tied down in seconds and labels are provided so you can keep everything organized. That means no more tape, scissors, or cardboard. Another benefit Special Moving Services moving boxes have over cardboard is that they are sanitized between every use, something you can’t say about the cardboard boxes (which can hold bedbugs) you pick up behind a warehouse dumpster.

Why Special Moving Services bins?

– Special Moving Services bins are all the same size keeping things simple and easy to carry when they’re full.
– Special Moving Services Labels keep your stuff secure during transit and organized when you’re unpacking room-by-room.
– Get your bins quick – we just need 48 hours notice to make your free delivery.


On-site furniture medic

In addition to our scope of services, we also provide a range of services for the repair and restoration of the furniture.

Sometimes, furniture medics is a good alternative to a full furniture replacement. It is a good and cheap solution in absence of enough budget for the new furniture. For the expensive and antique furniture, repair and restoration is a necessary service to retain the conditions of the furniture and its value.

Our personnel is able to handle wide scope of furniture medics, including on-site maintenance, scratches and nicks removal, full cabinet repair and restoration, structural repair of the furniture, color restoration, etc.

We conduct a comprehensive treatment of wooden surfaces to protect against external influences and return initial properties and color.

We are partners with #1 restoration company “Special Furniture Services”, who have an extensive track record of providing all solutions in both the residential and commercial markets.

Our specialist will come to your home or office, evaluate the scope of works and calculate the costs, according to the customers request.

We carry out the repair of the furniture, both on the client site, and in our own workshop.



Assembly and disassembly
(of residential furniture and commercial cubicles)


The most important and difficult stage of any moving is correct disassembly of furniture and equipment, followed by the assembly after transportation on customers site.

For the quality and accurate assembly and disassembly of furniture, technical equipment and other stuff you need to have some special skills and tools. Sometimes extra physical power and technical experience is required to handle this kind of job.

Special Moving Services provides professional assembly and disassembly services for all kinds of furniture, household appliances and technical equipment.

We have huge experience and all the necessary tools to handle the orders of any complexity.

Special Moving Services is a fully licensed and insured assembly company in NYC. We provide every NYC cubicle installation service you could possibly need from, assembling the cubicles to disassembling and even removal. Our specialists have experience assembling cubicles for small businesses, as well as performing cubicle installations in NYC for different businesses.

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